Respect the unexpected, let us help you mitigate your risks.

The Renfrow Group specializes in Personal Protection, Executive Protection, Corporate Security, and Body Guard services. Our protection agents are former Military and Law Enforcement. Our agents undergo constant training in order to provide unrivaled protection services around the world. The Renfrow Group has the training and experience you need to handle ANY of your needs properly.

Our Agents will conduct an in depth consultation and Threat Assessment with all of our clients in order to better understand their specific needs. Once our agents have completed the consultation, they will provide you with a thorough protection strategy which will outline and help you better understand the service our agents will be providing for you.

The Renfrow Group, a Premier Provider of Personal Protection

When it comes to dealing with situations that require a heightened level of security, you need a protection firm with the training and experience needed to provide you valuable insight no matter what the situation at hand might be.

Thanks to our Military and Law Enforcement background and training in operational risk management, we have helped our clients implement continual cyclic processes that include Risk Assessments, Risk Decision Making, and Implementation of Risk Controls, which results in Acceptance, Mitigation, or Avoidance of Risk.

bodyguards protecting businessman on his way from car

VIP Protection

Traveling both locally and internationally can require the need for this service.

concentrated male paparazzi doing surveillance by camera with lens from his car

Termination Assistance

Business's are often face with a decision of letting an employee go, the reactions of those that are let go may trigger events to occur or affect that individuals actions. WE can provide you with the security you need.

Pensive investigator looking at evidence of air crash in working environment

Consulting & Assessments

Are you considering what your safety is daily because of unknown issues that have put you in a situation? We can help mitigate or come up with solutions.

Businessman missing plane

Criminal Litigation Support

We offer the legal proof you need to go to court with. We can provide surveillance and other documentation to the courts.

Risk management flow chart with a red pen

Risk Assessment

Properly understanding and identifying potential risk factors is vital for any operation.

Depressed upset office worker having a headache problem and workplace crisis

Workplace Violence

Is there physical, any type of harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior occurring at your workplace? We can mitigate that issue and ensure the safety of your employees. We also offer investigative assistance.

Aftermath Disaster in Beirut

Disaster Loss Mitigation

Having experienced a loss, we can investigate the situation.

two bodyguards going with businessman to black car

Corporate Security

Do you need security guards for you place of business? We can provide fully trained and armed or unarmed guards to ensure the safety of your assets.

Solving difficulties in a relationship.

Estate and Residence Security

We can protect your property and assets.


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