We Provide Personal / Corporate Protection and Professional Investigative Services

Over the years, our expert team has acquired the resources and knowledge to provide a satisfactory conclusion to all of your protection and investigative needs.

Renfrow & Associates

Renfrow & Associates a Division of The Renfrow Group, Inc. is a focus driven team of Licensed Private Investigators and Skilled Diplomatic Protection Specialist (Bodyguards) committed to providing excellent services to you or your corporate needs. Our professional team of Agents and Investigators are experts in their craft, and provide the knowledge and training you are looking for to handle your unique needs and situations.

With more than a combine of 25 years of experience in the protection and investigative industry. We specialize in many areas and can provide you with a personalized list of services to better suit your personal protection and investigative needs.

The Best Choice
For Personal Protection and Investigations.

Our team has provided world class protection services, worked hundreds of cases in North Carolina as well as throughout the US and around the world! There is nothing like helping our clients achieve their desired results and goals!

           “Andy W. Renfrow CEO”

Our Protection and Investigation Services

Renfrow & Associates offers an unparalleled services by using state of the art technology along with industry leading training. Our team takes advantage of these amazing tools and uses them to provide you with the best services available. Whether you need personal protection or comprehensive investigation services, our agency is your best choice to handle your needs.

Why Choose Renfrow & Associates?

Our goal is to use our experience and training, along with our knowledge which we have acquired over the years in the industry to provide you with the highest level of service available. We provide our clients with the tools and resources they need to help them regain their peace of mind through personal protection and investigative services.