Security Guard Services

Professional Security Guards

Unfortunately, criminals exist & their nefarious actions wreak havoc upon public & private properties. Security measures, such as security guard services, must often be considered to prevent damages or theft. Employing private security services is regarded as one of the best ways to decrease your risk & protect what matters most.

The Renfrow Group leads the way in security guard services by employing properly licensed & qualified professionals who consist of off-duty police officers, former police officers, & retired military personnel. Whether you need one guard or a fleet, our veteran security guards specialize in professional customized security solutions at an affordable rate.

Private Security Where You Need It

Let’s face it; many locations could benefit from private security guard services. That means our licensed guards are often dealing with new security situations & have learned to adapt to any issue. Before beginning any of our security guard services, we view it as our duty to perform a threat analysis to determine any possible security issues & to plan for the safe egress of any VIP individuals or critical assets.

While we offer both full-time & round-the-clock security guard services, we understand that not all clients are the same. At The Renfrow Group, we’re dedicated to working with you to determine the type of private security services that you require. We’re not just your regular run-of-the-mill security company. Our services soar above the competition by offering a wide variety of private security guard & protection service options, including armed and unarmed guards, plainclothes or uniformed guards, & flexible temporary or long-term contracts for your particular security needs.

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Hotel Security

The Renfrow Group prides itself on our security expertise, including Hotel Security. We already work with many hotels in the area; let us show you how to keep your guests safe.


Fire Watch Service

We first focus on recognizing and mitigating fire hazards through an in-depth inspection. Also, we offer on-site fire-watch guards to maintain the safety of all critical assets.


Event Security

Let us keep your next big event safe. The Renfrow Group's security officers are trained and ready to keep your ball game, party, or showcase safe!

Group of excavator working on a construction site

Construction Site Security

We offer Security Guard Services for various types of construction sites. We will keep your property and equipment safe!

Thessaloniki, Greece - November 24, 2017. People shop inside a department store during Black Friday shopping deals, at the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki.

Retail Security

Whether you are hosting a significant sale and would like added security or are concerned about your employees, we are happy to protect your store, customers, and employees.

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Corporate Security Guard

Do you need security guards for your place of business? We can provide thoroughly trained and armed or unarmed guards to ensure the safety of your assets.


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