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What is Risk Management?

You may already know what risk management is, or it may be a buzzword floating about the office. Either way, you’ve made it here, and you’re looking to mitigate risk. Risk Management is identifying, assessing, & responding to threats in business. Never get caught unaware & always be prepared to respond to the various risk factors that form part of the life of a company with a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Our adequately trained & certified risk management professionals utilize risk mapping & other risk management processes to perform a threat analysis to help determine what risk factors exist. Next, our team of analysts meticulously sifts through the provided data to determine the best risk management solutions. Our emergency mitigation response team can handle any emergencies during our analysis.

Planning Ahead to Manage Risk

The Renfrow Group offers a range of risk management strategies, including front-to-back coverage and detailed risk analysis services. Our flexible & custom risk management services allow us to assist both personal & business risk clientele by offering our services a la carte or in packaged format.

Getting caught off guard by unforeseen circumstances can be detrimental to the health of your business & family. Knowing potential risk factors ahead of time can help you to prevent financial ruin. You owe it to yourself to identify, assess, & control the financial, strategic and security risks in your personal & business life.

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Risk Assessment

Identify, assess & control threats identified by our comprehensive threat analysis. Mitigate losses to your capital & earnings.

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Threat Analysis

Our professional analysis will identify potential critical threats in or around your personal & business life. This risk management tool is a necessity.

Alternative Risk and Strategy in Business
Emergency Mitigation Response

There are few things worse than a sudden & unexpected disaster. Look to us for assistance in mitigating life emergencies.

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Security Consultations

Take action now against possible life-threatening events. Mitigate potential issues ahead of time to maintain security & peace of mind.


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